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Spring cleaning is upon us! 


A time to reset, start over, review the goals you made in January and check-in with yourself. Studies have shown that more than 80% of people are more relaxed when their home is tidy and organized. 


If you are new to organizing or being mindful of the clutter you accumulate, springtime is the perfect time to do a seasonal switchover and is a crucial step in having a balanced and organized home. And as you may already know, many people keep off season items in storage units. 


Storage units are truly meant to be a short-term solution to store items that you don't need easy access to in your primary home. But frequent moves, additions and losses of family members and life events usually require extra space to store belongings.


Over the last few years, I have worked in countless storage units and have grown quite fond of the sterile yet cozy atmosphere by burnt orange corrugated metal walls…I'm half kidding. 

Tackling a Storage Unit Clean-Out: The ProcessCreate a game plan + define short & long-term goalsDo a general audit of the storage unit, relocating boxes & items to live in labeled sections for easier accessibilityGo through boxes section by section creating designated piles for donate, bring home, sell & tossList items for sale

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